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    Signage is on display 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it is essentially the most cost effective form of promotion available.

    Our maintenance crew is focused on maintaining your image. We can help you with preventative maintenance including general wear and tear on mechanical and electrical components.

    Regular cleaning of signage allows us to identify potential problems. In doing so, we not only maintain your strong image, we help protect your investment which in turn can help you save, keeping your signage in its optimum condition.


    • Scheduled Services
    • Engineer & Electrical Reports
    • OH&S Compliant

    Ask us how we can help you with a maintenance program to extend the life of your signage.

    We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company and the range of services we can offer you and your clients. Icon Creations is capable of assisting you with your sign maintenance.

    Our service to you may be as simple as a general clean to remove drab and unsightly dust (making your image look old), to total refurbishment.

    Our consultants can provide onsite advice on signage upgrades. Faulty and flickering neon and fluorescent lights may be costing you money draining ineffective power. Sign maintenance can eliminate this problem.

    Relocation of shop signage to another location in Shopping Centre can be a hassle free experience with project management from Icon Creations.

    Are your static directory signs up to date? Our in house graphic design and sign production can keep your tenants and clientele up to date and informed. Is vandalized signage a concern? We can repair or replace quickly as well as recommend Vandal resistant materials.

    At Icon Creations we have all the answers to the above.