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    Our 6 step consultation process will guide you through the uncertainty that exists with signage and provide you with a clearly defined outcome. It’s important your signage lives up to your brand’s reputation and performance. Whether you’re developing a new image or planning a brand rollout, independent technical advice is a must.

    1) Learn about your business and the expectations of your investment in signage

    • Budget planning
    • Assessment of green technologies

    2) Identify opportunities to improve the desired outcome

    • Colour matching across various media
    • Manufacturing technique
    • Project logistics
    • Material selection

    3) Complete site audits, prepare quotations with budget consideration

    4) Develop shop drawings and prototypes for approval

    5) Listen to feedback and adjust designs and job costs as necessary

    6) Implement and track project

    • Project scheduling

    By taking advantage of our consulting service, you position your reimage program for success and connect more powerfully with your customers.