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    As a design discipline which is wholly led by the principles of User Centric requirements, we do not believe a one-size fits all approach to developing wayfinding systems, is appropriate or effective.

    We work with organisations across wayfinding, user experience and strategic branding to deliver better exceptional outcomes by design. These include increasing pedestrian activity, building loyalty in travellers, healthier patients, retail shoppers, safer residents and more engaged students.

    Icon Creations continually develops processes to meet the specific needs of our clients in the delivery of user experience, wayfinding, branding and design. This is built on decades of experience resolving complex travel, retail, healthcare and education challenges. We use evidence-based research and strategic design to craft experiences, with continuing impact.

    Icon Creations has spent the last couple of decades assisting how people navigate and interact with the built environment around them. We’re not limited by practice or processes, or bound by traditional definitions. Our team is led by recognised leaders in user experience, wayfinding, branding and design. Our design and project management team is committed to creating a better future with intelligent and creative design thinking for all your signage needs.

    Every building is slightly different, in its functional layout and its operational procedures, but most of all in its people. Let us custom make your signage to suit you.

    Case Studies

    Quest Apartments 





    • Improve traffic flow
    • Control parking
    • Enhance your architecture


    • Shopping Centres
    • Directory Boards
    • Campuses
    • Office Complexes
    • Stadiums & Arenas
    • Car Parks
    • Restrooms
    • Hospitals
    • Medical Centres
    • Airports
    • Aquatic Centres
    • Interior & exterior