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    Sign Writing

    Partner with Icon Creations, the most talented sign writers in Melbourne.

    Is the signage that’s being used in your business resonating with the customers that you are targeting? The signs that your business uses has a massive influence over people’s decisions to do or refer business to you. Get it right, and your business can be the first one people will think of in your industry. Get it wrong, and people won’t recall who your business.

    Why use Icon Creations for your signage?

    We’ve helped thousands of businesses develop their perfect signage since 1978. With almost 40 years experience, we’ve been able to perfect our craftsmanship and intricate details, meaning that we can custom build or design the perfect sign for your business’s needs.

    If there’s a “look” that you’ve always wanted your business to have; the Icon Creations team can help you develop it. 

    By getting your signs created with Icon Creations, you can expect to:

    • Get a design that is outperforms the competition.
    • Have a sign that leaves people with the impression that you want them to have of your business.

    What type of signwriting can Icon Creations provide for your business?

    We specialise in a wide range of sign design creations. Some of the signs we offer include:

    • Signwriting
    • Murals
    • Shopfront signage
    • Branding on vehicles

    And more!

    Whether you feel like you need to have a new look or you just want to try something fresh, the team from Icon Creations can help you.

    What makes Icon Creations different to the competitors when it comes to signwriting?

    Experience and craftsmanship go a long way. The sign that you invest in will have a significant impact on your business’s corporate branding and perceived image for many years. You want to partner with a signwriter that can give your business the guidance and confidence to invest in signage that’s perfect for your business.

    We will ensure that your customers remember you, and not your competitors!

    Speak to one of our consultants?

    Learn more about our sign writing services by giving us a call on (03) 9587 5055. Or alternatively, click here to send an enquiry to our sales team.

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    Hand painted Sign Writing done in the way they were when advertising was an art form loved and admired by all. Traditional signwriting has its own beauty and charm.

    Min. Dimensions: N/A

    Max. Dimnsions: N/A


    • Longevity
    • Uniqueness


    • Honour Boards
    • Traditional Gold or Silver Leaf Gilded Lettering
    • Roller Doors
    • Brick Walls
    • Shopfronts
    • Murals
    • Interior/Exterior