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    Pylon & Monolith Signs


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    Pylon & Monolith Signs are often used at site entrances for business branding and directional purposes to create awareness of your site and entrance. Pylon & monolith signs are custom made and designed to suit your requirements.

    They can be single or double sided, flat or curved or even triangular! There is wide range of options available to give your pylon or monolith sign the maximum visual impact including illumination and 3 dimensional built-up elements. They are freestanding supported with ground foundations.

    We can assist you with design concepts, construction drawings, engineer’s certificates, assistance with council approvals, and licensed electrician for connection and service.


    • Standard metal finishes anodised aluminium, Stainless Steel
    • Powdercoat colours available
    • Custom paint finishes available.

    Decoration of Panels signs may include

    • Self adhesive vinyl
    • Digital prints
    • 3d letters
    • Engraved


    • Professional look to impress potential clients
    • Eye catching
    • High visibility from a distance
    • Adds value to your business and presence


    • Shopping Centres
    • Public Offices
    • Corporate Buildings
    • Business Branding
    • Directional Signs
    • Factory Sites