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    Panel Sign & Frame

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    Panel Sign & Frame is constructed with a single panel sign with a support frame, designed for exterior use and is intended for primary site identification and directional information. Single face or double face copy may be specified.

    Post options: square, rectangular, radius or full-round posts. Corner posts allow for perpendicular signage or may be easily adapted for four-sided signage.

    Made to your specifications, Panel Sign & Frames can be produced exactly to the size you require. You can choose the sign material, sign size, colours and graphic images, to create your own custom design.


    • Standard finish is anodised aluminium,
    • Powdercoat colours available
    • Custom paint finishes available.

    Decoration of Panels signs may include

    • Self adhesive vinyl
    • Digital prints
    • 3d letters
    • engraved


    • Professional look to impress potential clients
    • Eye catching – Your sign becomes more visible to draw attention
    • Adds value – to your business, and presence
    • Exterior durability
    • Provides direction
    • Signage can be made modular


    • Business Branding & Identification
    • Directional Signs
    • Statutory Signs
    • Wayfinding Signs
    • Interior & exterior