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    Panel Signs

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    A panel sign is single flat panel with text and graphic images applied to advertise, display, direct, warn identify and inform people about your message or elements of your organisation.

    Panel signs are ideal for internal and external use and in situations where you require a sign to sit flush against a wall, for example on the side of a building. You can choose the sign material, sign size, colours and graphic images, to create your own custom design.

    Made to your specifications, panel signs can be produced exactly to the size you require on various sign materials from card, timber, plastics and metals.

    Decoration of Panels signs may include

    • Self adhesive vinyl
    • Digital prints
    • 3d letters
    • engraved


    • Professional look to impress potential clients
    • Eye catching – Your sign becomes more visible to draw attention
    • Adds value – to your business, and presence
    • Exterior durability
    • Provides direction


    • Business Branding
    • Directional Signs
    • Statutory Signs
    • Lightboxes
    • Panel Signs
    • Walls Signs
    • Building Signs
    • Interior & exterior