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    Aluminium Fabricated Lightboxes

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    Aluminium Fabricated lightboxs are produced by welding an aluminium extrusion into a rectangle or box shape. Customised shapes can be achieved. The lightbox shape is supported by an internal support bracket/frame. Single sided lightboxs have a metal backing sheet and 3mm opal acrylic face.

    Double sided lightbox have a 3mm opal acrylic face on both sides.

    Light source: fluorescent tubes or LEDs all wired to Australian standards

    Box colour: powder coated or custom sprayed

    Installation Brackets: for wall mounted, hanging, cantilever and for mounting to pylon structures can be custom made.

    Today illuminated signage can be more interactive by incorporating digital clock and temperature features, animation and simple changing-text displays that give greater visibility and accessibility to a business.


    • Light weight construction, reduces installation time and costs
    • Custom shapes can be achieved
    • Draws attention to your brand
    • Increase visibility during night
    • Provides security


    • Business Branding
    • Directional Signs
    • Wayfinding Signs
    • Walls Signs
    • Building Signs
    • Interior & exterior