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    Invest in stunning, vibrant lightboxes from Icon Creations.

    Draw attention to your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a professionally designed and installed lightbox. Trigger more interest in your business with a lightbox that “cuts through the noise of the competition”.

    Why do you need a lightbox in your business?

    Lightboxes can be that silent salesperson vying for the attention of your customers. People are exposed to hundreds or even thousands of promotional messages and media everyday. They tend to only recall a small percentage of what has been presented to them through their day.

    If your lightbox doesn’t make the right impression, people won’t recall the message from your lightbox. To make matters worse, the investment that you put into your lightbox isn’t working to get your business a return on the initial investment.

    What can Icon Creations do for your business?

    We can provide a full service from manufacturing and supply. Some of the lightboxes that we offer include:

    • Aluminium Fabricated Lightboxes
    • Flex Face Lightboxes
    • Slimline Edge Lit Lightboxes
    • Custom Fabricated Lightboxes

    Whatever size, shape or location you want to have your lightbox, the team from Icon designs will be able to customise a solution that will be perfect for your business.

    Choose from Flouro or LED lighting for your lightboxes.

    We also provide different lighting options for your lightbox. Our team of specialists will help you make the right choice when it comes to the lighting design based on the location, size, graphic design and the benefits that you want to receive from the installation of your lightbox.

    Put your trust in Icon Creations manufacturing process.

    Icon Creations specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of commercial and custom electric and illuminated signs. We manufacture quality interior and exterior signs made with a wide variety of superior materials.

    We combine custom metal, woodworking, plastic fabrication with painting and lighting techniques such as incandescent, neon and LED illumination for great looking signs. Company logos and colour schemes shine with a variety of translucent graphic effects with today’s premium interior and exterior colour applications.

    Illuminated signs come in many different sizes, shapes, styles and combinations. With the aid of state of the art computer aided design systems and techniques, we create high impact, cost effective signs that give you optimum results. We make use of a variety of materials that determine the signs appearance, performance, flexibility and durability.

    Experience the difference that a lightbox can make to your business.

    Call us or send an enquiry to one of our sales consultants to speak about some lightbox solutions for your business.