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    3D Weathertex™ Lettering

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    3D Weathertex™ Lettering cut from a sheet of Weathertex (durable reconstituted timber product) and cut on a computer-controlled router or laser cutting table. The 9.5mm thickness of the sheet determines the depth of the sides of the letter which creates the 3D appearance.
    Weathertex letters can be further decorated by painting or applying additional profile cut metals plastics to enhance the finish.

    Min. Dimensions: 50mmH

    Max. Dimensions: 1200mmH (sizes above this may require joins depending on material and thickness choice)

    Material Thickness: 9.5mm


    • Professional look to impress potential clients
    • Eye catching – your sign becomes more visible to draw attention
    • Adds value to your sign, business & presence
    • Adds interest and provides dimension to your sign
    • Australian made and owned
    • Better than zero carbon foot print
    • 100% natural: 97% natural timber and 3% natural wax
    • Termite resistant: all sugars and starches removed
    • No chemical additives: no artificial glues, resins or formaldehydes and no silica’s


    • Business Branding
    • Panel Signs
    • Walls Signs
    • Building Signs
    • Interior & exterior use