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    3D Fabricated Stainless Steel Lettering

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    3D Fabricated letters give the appearance of a 3-dimensional image; typically used to give the letters extra visual appeal, the letter face and back are typically cut on a computer-controlled machine. This creates the basis for the letter shape. The sides of the fabricated letter, called the returns, are then formed by bending a 25mm to 200mmH wide return. The return is glue/welded in place to the letter face to create a solid channel in the shape of the letter.

    Additional decoration can be added to the fabricated letter to enhance your unique brand, message, emotive state, environment by layering, painting, applying translucent SAV, digital print or metal finishes etc.

    Illumination can be added to the letters for additional results and provide awareness at night.

    Min. Dimensions: 150mmH

    Max. Dimensions: 1200mmH


    • Professional look to impress potential clients
    • Eye catching – your sign becomes more visible to draw attention
    • Adds value to your sign, business and presence
    • Adds interest and provides dimension to your design


    • Wall Signs
    • Business Branding
    • Building Identification Signs
    • Office Signs
    • Store Signs
    • Company Signs
    • Traffic Signs
    • Retail & Commercial Signs
    • Parking Signs
    • Trade Show Signs
    • Interior & exterior