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Case Study – Transurban Tunnel Beautification Project

Transurban Group CityLink Facelift

Transurban Group invested in a multi-million dollar facelift of its CityLink tunnels in Melbourne. Transurban aimed to ensure its assets were among the safest in the world by enhancing visibility and improving the overall driver experience for customers.

Transurban engaged a visual ergonomics expert to ensure the proposed patterns on the tunnel walls should not adversely affect road users.
Icon Creations were instrumental in the research and development of various application methods of the beautification graphics. The final concepts were tested and evaluated in a ten metre long, full-scale replica of the Burnley Tunnel, to avoid disrupting tunnel operations.

With 15 km of spray mask (60,000 Sq m) to be prepared our Graphics team were extremely productive in the preparation of the spray mask with the unenviable task of cutting and removing approx. 1,100,000 dots of excess material that will provide the template for the Beautification Graphic scheme.

Icon creations worked in conjunction with commercial painting contractors in highlighting emergency exits, cross passages, telephones and fireboxes. The new paint treatment lightens and brightens sections of the Burnley and Domain tunnels and provided a full-colour makeover.

Icon Creations Project Management Team and Production Manager carefully planned, trained and implemented skilled and non-skilled labour, specially designed vehicle mounted scaffolds, spray mask application rollers, material transport trailers which convert into onsite refuse storage units, documentation; OH & S & emergency response, First Aid procedures, project planning and scheduling, staff rostering and rotation to meet the projects criteria.

We are happy to advise all key project outcomes were successfully undertaken and completed on time and met all budget criteria.

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