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    Case Study – Heart of Australia

    Heart of Australia – Donating to a worthy endeavour

    Icon Creations Director, Glen Gibson, was inspired by the ABC Australian Story on Dr. Rolf Gomes in 2016 and his dedication to providing a mobile medical clinic to remote NSW & Qld communities, Glen felt Icon Creations could contribute by utilising our highly skilled graphic design team, large format digital printing and national installation teams.

    Through Collaboration with Dr. Rolf and his team Icon Creations provided:
    • Graphic design time 65 hrs
    • Digital printing 290 Sq m of self-adhesive vinyl, taking 5 days for 2 staff to print, trim and collate
    • Project management and coordination with Dr. Rolf’s office, the truck builder, suppliers and installers in Qld

    The truck required extensive problem solving to overcome the myriad of intricacies involved, the result was a seamless expansive artwork that spans not only the full length of the truck but also under the awnings to create a matching design in any of the truck’s expanded or collapsed formats. Creating a fantastic graphic encompassing the vision of the vast Australian outback, the patients which the medical clinic will assist, and the sponsors that assisted with the truck’s success. Communicating an instantly recognisable message “Every Australian deserves access to quality healthcare, regardless of where they live.”

    The new 34-wheel B-Double features extra consultation rooms for a range of specialist services, including gynecology, neurology and endocrinology, it was built in Brisbane, allowing the service to expand its reach to 16 towns, traveling 8000 kilometres a month in a round trip across rural and remote NSW & Qld.
    The mobile clinic is the second truck for Heart of Australia which began in 2014 taking heart specialists to the bush in a custom built 18-wheeler clinic.
    Dr. Rolf said “Taking cardiologists to regional and remote towns has helped save more than 250 lives but we know people’s health needs extend far beyond heart conditions which is why this second truck is so important. The goal is to be able to deliver not only the specialists, but also state-of-the-art medical equipment needed to provide quality care.”

    Icon Creations are proud to assist in the challenge of providing equality.

    Proud to be Australian

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