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    Case Study – Streets

    Streets Rebrand

    The Streets Ice Cream sign is of a high level of significance both to the local history of ice cream industry of Australia. From small beginnings the company became one of the two most prominent ice cream producers in Australia, rivalling the success of its key competitor, Peters Ice Cream.

    Streets Ice Cream brings joy and refreshment to you with brands like Magnum, Paddle Pop, Blue Ribbon, Cornetto, Calippo, Bubble’o’Bill and Fruttare. Streets have invested millions in updating their brand imagery over the years to remain relevant, recognisable and visible. The value of a brand comes through recognition and recognition comes from consistent application of every visible manifestation of your brand, at every ‘touch point’ that your customer experiences. Streets engaged Icon Creations to manage their logo application across various brand mediums; vehicles, buildings, kiosks and milk bars.

    It is important to have contractors who understand, support and follow clear image guideline policies to prevent these problems and enable you to present a consistent face to the world.

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