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Case Study – Skate Park

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Ross Reserve Skate Park Entrance Signage

Having previously had great results with our works on the Hemmings Park Skate Park signage, City of Greater Dandenong  had no hesitation in contracting Icon Creations for this landmark project.

Icon Creations worked closely with the designer to manufacture and install two monolith signs marking the new, state of the art skate park at the recently redeveloped Ross Reserve precinct.

Being heavily involved with design and specifications elements, we were able to establish an outcome that is long lasting, durable, and practical, whilst providing easily identifiable information and creating focal points for the park entrances.

Both signs are 4500mm h x 1500mm w, supported on posts to one side. The main face is 8mm thick mild steel, with a profile cut figure at the top, which also has an additional 8mm steel layer to either side of it, creating some depth to that component. The structure is rust proofed, and then 2pac painted, has Avery vinyl graphics and digital prints applied, and is then coated in a clear polyurethane anti-graffiti top coat to both sides.

With heavy focus on public safety as well as the ability to maintain the signs with minimal effort, these signs had installation details engineered, based on Geo survey results, and massive 3000mm deep pier footings were implemented, to ensure structural integrity. All safety precautions were explored and installation was an intricate process unto itself. As the recent development of the precinct had required new underground services  an electromagnetic ground scanner was utilised along with the knowledge of the service contractors. Even with these precautions in place, we still elected to hand dig past the concrete core holes we had made, which proved to be an exercise of immense value, as we still discovered some services that had not been detected previously.

Overall, the works were completed to an extremely high level of satisfaction to all parties concerned, and the new skate park now has entrance signs that enhance and do justice to what is a world class venue, destined for many years of local and international use.

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