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Case Study – QUEST – QSA Directional Signage

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Quest Directional Wayfinding

The continued success of Quest’s rebrand is due to their commitment to internal directional and wayfinding signage creating further brand consistency with the logo and colours having such a strong identity it was important for Quest to continue the brand design and colour internally. Quest apartment buildings all have their own individual architectural building style and colour schemes. Site checks and communication are the most vital tasks in this project to achieve the highest quality results.

Wayfinding systems are necessary in built environments to help people find their way around, they also play a vital role in branding facilities in people’s minds and inspiring confidence. Intuitive directional and wayfinding systems help people feel comfortable navigating built environments, whether on their first visit or their hundredth. After all, feeling comfortable is the first step to feeling welcome.

With a strong relationship with Quests management Icon Creations were given the task of providing the following:

  • Site audits to identify scope of works
  • Developing a brief and schedule of signs to be quoted
  • Cost proposals for budgetary consideration
  • Final artwork for review and approval
  • Manufacture and installation

As Quest properties are fully operational careful planning is taken to protect live working environments. Works occurring within a live workplace required our staff to demonstrate sensitivities in the following areas:

  • Screening of the work area to prevent impact of installation dust and debris on tenants floor surfaces and other equipment
  • Minimise the impact of work noise on the immediate surrounding area(s)
  • Co-ordinate appropriate site works zone access times and comply with any particular facilities regulations for works of a particular nature

Brand consistency matters

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