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Case Study – Quest Apartments

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Quest National Rebrand

Quest Serviced Apartments (QSA) are the largest and most successful serviced apartment brand in Australia with over 150 properties under their management. The Quest logo and brand name represent an ongoing journey to achieve the highest levels of personal and professional success. The outstretched wings of the golden swan soaring upward are symbolic of Quest people’s flight to excellence, in all that they do and in all that the organisation and its people seek to become. The gold of the swan symbolises wealth; not only financial success, but personal success.

Icon Creations were selected as a key partner in this project manufacturing and installing 8,6 & 4 meter pylons, high level building signs. The key to this roll out being successful is brand consistency with the logo and colours having such a strong identity it is vital there are no variations across the nation. By working closely with Quest management together Icon Creations were able to support the manufacturing and construction processes to bring a consistent brand to life. The logo is displaying the vision to customers, consumers, and employees.

As these properties are fully operational careful planning is taken for protection of live working environments. Works occurring within a live workplace environment required our staff to demonstrate sensitivities in the following areas:

  • Screening of the work area to prevent impact of installation dust and debris on tenants floor surfaces and other equipment
  • Minimise the impact of work ‘noise’ on the immediate surrounding area(s)
  • Arrange with the Quest Corporate Office appropriate site works zone access times and comply with any particular facilities regulations for works of a particular nature

Quest apartment buildings all have their own individual architectural building style and colour schemes. The Quest corporate style guide provides strong edification and requires consideration to custom made signage but keeping in line with the style guide. Site check and measures, engineering and communication are the most vital tasks in this project to achieve the highest of quality results.

Our people take great pride in these Iconic outcomes

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