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    Case Study – Kmart Joondalup

    Design of new Kmart Signs – Joondalup Western Australia

    Icon Creation was engaged by a Kmart preferred supplier – Sumo Visual. As the design of new Kmart signs was in place Icon Creations worked with Sumo to develop construction drawings, this then enabled us to begin construction of the modular frame utilising the versatile staff and equipment on hand in our Victorian manufacturing facility. This project was broken into 5 areas of manufacture; frame, cladding, letter fabrication, electrical wiring and assembly. The pre-planning had to take into account the freight constraints of transporting the final product that measured 7m x 1.8m x .5m from Victoria to Western Australia. This taken into consideration we manufactured in a modular format enabling cost effective transport and minimising onsite after hours installation works. The works required Specialized roller/bending of the ACM cladding. Icon Creations were able to access the required machinery, assisting with the correct radius to be applied to the bottom section of the ACM cladding. Templates were then created to enable pre assembly testing. The modular frames were completely assembled in sections including acrylic fabricated letters decorated with translucent vinyl and the fitting of LED illumination was completed by our multi-skilled staff. All sections were carefully wrapped and packed into custom built fully enclosed crates for transport.

    The specifications developed during this process now form part of the Kmart signage manual, with Icon Creations continuing to tender on the delivery of store entry signage for Kmart stores nationwide. The result of this successful collaboration provided further opportunity to produce high quality signage suitable for a diverse range of sites.

    Creating Partnerships

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