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Case Study – HOYTS – Chadstone Special Decorative Features

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HOYTS Chadstone Cinema – Hexagon panels & Architectural fins

Our diligence and performance on the initial Hoyts signage package provided the client with confidence to request our input into a number of large decorative and architectural space features.  We collaborated on the design, materials, methods and systems which resulted in our being awarded the additional packages of the manufacture and installation of:

Hexagonal  panels: 316 of 1x1mtr halo lit, custom printed fabric faced hex panels with an individually controlled and dimmed lighting system. Special consideration was given to the method of installing these on to the acoustic rated cinema walls.  A base panel system was designed, manufactured and installed to provide suitable structural integrity in a cost effective manner. Our system included a modular stand-off which protruded through the acoustic panelling, allowed space for the halo lighting and supported the decorative face.

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Wave fins: 52 of 4.5 x 4.5 x 0.05mtrs of creative space elements that enhance the visitor’s experience. Our extensive research and development provided outstanding solutions in material choice and installation principles that complied with stringent fire rating codes, standards, and high level structural engineering requirements. Alongside and in conjunction with the builder, continuous round table discussions with all affected trades enabled us to work through construction and logistical issues resulting in outstanding quality solutions. Our project management skills where tested and excelled under pressure to meet the completion date, this success was partly due to our experience and systems which Included tight document and quality control.

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