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Case Study – Haileybury Private School

Haileybury Private School Wayfinding

Haileybury is one of Australia’s leading private schools dating back to 1892. Haileybury‘s academic program educates boys and girls from the age of 3 to Year 12, they have six established campuses, four of which are in Melbourne, one in Darwin and one in Beijing, China. Each campus has evolved over different time periods and with slightly varying objectives in mind. Haileybury’s mission is to develop high achieving students, connected globally to each other and to the communities in which they live and which they will serve. Haileybury has taken the initiative to implement a comprehensive wayfinding, directional and statutory signage strategy across all Haileybury campuses as part of the school’s commitment to a high standard of presentation to help identify and move people around the campus efficiently.

The need to design a consistent wayfinding system across multiple school campuses is important for easy recognition of signs, effective communication of sign messages and presenting a consistent and coherent identity for all the Haileybury campuses due to the cross interaction with staff, students, parents and visitors attending the various campuses creating and promoting visitor safety, familiarity and successful navigation at each site. Comprehensive consultation with the sign types gave Icon Creations the ability to develop shop drawings for 3 dimensional pylon signs and wall mounted changeable name signs improving the construction methodology and the seamless architectural finish.

The aesthetics of the wayfinding signage have been modernised and one of the key design elements of the signs was the 3 dimensional angle shear applied to both vertical and horizontal sign types both single and double sided. The shear was incorporated into acrylic, aluminium and pylon signs with the aim of having a seamless appearance  with no visual fixings to create a higher level of finish. External signs with stainless steel skirting and posts were sent off for clear electroplating to enhance and provide a higher level of protection for the brushed stainless steel components. The school crest was digitally printed creating a tonal difference to the magenta colour and applied to the shear area on the pylon, building identification and wall mounted signs. Pylon sign footings and fixings were finished below ground and a 75mm wide mowing strip placed at the base of the signs to again provide a fixing free finish and to aid with care and maintenance of the signs. The final stage of removal and installation work was coordinated during the school holidays for safety and to minimize interruption of normal school activities. Haileybury’s campus at Berwick now shines with their new corporate wayfinding signage.

Dale Goodman, Buildings and Grounds Supervisor said that once the signs were in place, Haileybury management received overwhelming positive response from their school community regarding the impact of the comprehensive wayfinding system and the confidence it provides in navigating the school grounds and facilities. Upon completion, this project presented will be entered into the Australian Sign & Graphic Association signage awards for excellence in sign manufacture category.





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