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Case Study – Wayfinding Design – Calvary Adelaide Hospital



Calvary Adelaide Hospital

Icon Creations was invited to undertake the signage wayfinding design for the brand new 12
story Calvary Adelaide Hospital, opening in January 2020


Through strategic planning and implementation of our proven design processes, we have engaged with management and stakeholders to:

  • Identify and establish key destinations
  • Consolidate naming protocols
  • Plot user journey and identify key decision points
  •  Identify key signage and viewing opportunities
  • Choose through sampling and testing processes, colour scheme, font, multi-line relationship, layout, etc.


Our comprehensive wayfinding system has resulted in the delivery of a fully cross-referenced set of documents including:

  • Sign Listing Schedule
  • Individual Level Site Plans with coded sign location references
  • Coded Sign Content Graphic Package


Our project covered 15 levels including 3 basement carpark levels

13 individual sign types

Total of 1350 signs









Watch this space for project updates.

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