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    Case Study – Australia Post

    Australia Post Rebrand

    Australia Post is an iconic Australian brand ranking in the top 5 most well known brands throughout Australia, in July 1975, Australia Post updated its image with the highly distinctive ‘P’ symbol / logo that is so familiar to us today.

    The Dandenong Australia Post site underwent a complete rebranding and site modification. Our focus was the 2 main entry point signs, the pylon sign and the directional sign, which were the key elements that Australia Post wanted to see a significant difference in the final presentation of the signs. The existing signs had been manufactured and changed over the years which meant the structures had undergone numerous changes and additions, creating uneven and out of square structures.

    Icon Creations worked together with the Australian Post Project Management Team to develop a suitable design, manufacturing and construction process which would meet both brand and budget requirements, with the final result providing a very clean, professional and modern look which is being rolled out across the country.


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