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    Case Study – AMP Spark Logo

    AMP Rebranding

    AMP’s new spark logo, created by the high profile Hulsbosch Agency, is considered to be one of the most creative pieces of commercial design in recent years. Icon creations have been successful in tendering for key AMP rebranding projects across their signage network. The Spark graphic needed to portray the animated version of logo featuring in the TV ads explaining the brands positive influence. By working closly with the project management team Icon Creations were able to support the manufacturing and construction process to bring the brand to life. The logo is displaying the vision of customers, consumers, employees, advisers and planners across AMP and AXA .

    The AMP spark rebrand required a different and unique set of skills to execute successfully which we had no problems with supplying. Utilising our years of experience and knowledge of materials, techniques and skills the intricate details in the Spark such as colours and curves were able to be created successfully.

    Our people take great pride in these Iconic outcomes


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