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    We build Brands that drive curiosity, awareness and growth

    A Melbourne Graphic Design Studio that delivers brand strategy services.

    Icon Creations offers a design service based on proven experience to bring your brand to life through logo, visual identity and collateral, Icon Creations has it covered our in-house designers work seamlessly to translate brand insights into thoughtful, distinctive and compelling brand designs and copy that reflect your brand’s essence. A demonstrated ability to collaborate, create and communicate.

    Our creative ability is born from a passion to create and build strikingly formed and presented visual experiences in 2D or 3D.
    Your brand or project needs its own identity or personality, to set it above your competitors or field. It needs to include the vision of your future, the culture you foster, to welcome those you wish to engage with. It’s key to the success of your project or business.

    Visual identity


    Icon Creations knows the value of the collaboration process, what it can result in for you and how it brings finesse to the final outcome.

    We listen, question, record, research, discuss, and explore to create the dynamic of creative thinking and engage to combine a collaborative outcome.


    Our proven experience allows us to draw on an established information base and to push the boundaries of new technologies and trends.

    Industrial design interfaces with graphic design, combining to provide a functional yet striking presence. We know how to achieve the creative balance.


    Simplicity, sophistication, strategic presence, placement and much more will combine to give the right message at the right time in the right way for your project, business or organisation.

    It will draw the response you’re expecting for.