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    Our Process

    Our process has been developed to bring out the best in your signage, your brand and your business. You will be able to experience this in the way we work, the people we employ, the processes we follow and the guaranteed results we deliver.

    Whether you’re rebranding a National Company, a Retail Chain, or a Single Store, we will ensure that the project outcome is fully optimised to your needs. The complexity of your signage needs may vary, however, the value, quality, efficiency and integrity we offer never does.

    Our 6 step process ensures a collaborative approach; we act with transparency & honesty, working as a team to minimise project risk and deliver guaranteed results.


    • Consultation: This includes identification of customer requirements, assessment of authorities, engineering & Council requirements, a prepared initial specification estimate, client consultation and sign-off.
    • Design: We begin the development process of designs based on specification, customer requirements and client consultation.
    • Review and Sign Off: The design is approved and forwarded to production, with engagement registered on production system and project schedule detailed for all key stakeholders.
    • Production: The physical preparation and development of signage begins, with adherence to specification and design commitments. Quality control is applied in each department to ensure the highest possible quality at each stage.
    • Installation/Maintenance: The process is finalised with site preparation and installation, including a full safety assessment and inclusion of specific needs for lighting and placement. During this process, maintenance requirements are identified and addressed prior to customer approval.
    • Review: Finally, we complete an overall review of the project, discussing any concerns and identification of review procedures, invoicing and other administrative requirements.