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    OH&S Policies

    Our Recycling Commitment

    Icon Creations are committed to sound environmental practices and increased sustainability.

    We can all play a part in providing a better environment for future generations by introducing effective waste reduction and recycling programs.

    In developing a waste reduction program, Icon Creations is an organisation who cares for the community and the environment.

    Some examples of our reduce, reuse, recycle initiatives include:

    • We purchase our main materials in bulk, reducing wrapping of multiple orders.
    • Initiating cleaner production programs involving continuous improvement systems and the involvement of our staff.
    • Recycling materials including aluminium, scrap metal, PET and other plastics, cardboard, paper and toner cartridges.
    • Returning materials including timber pallets, metal and plastic drums, to suppliers and our business units for re-use.
    • Recycling solvents that would otherwise end up in our waterways or would need to be disposed of in regulated waste disposal sites.
    • Acrylic and extruded plastic products are recycled and sent to China for smelting and reuse in every day products.
    • Oil and solvent interceptors are used on wash troughs to trap excess solvents and sludge reaching the storm water and polluting our water ways.
    • Excess paint and solvents are recycled in 60Lt. drums for smelting and reuse in low grade solvent applications.
    • General waste, paper and cardboard products are separated in production areas and transferred into larger recycling bins for pick up.