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    Environmental Practices

    We are committed to sound environmental practices and increased sustainability.

    We can all play a major role in providing a better environment for future generations as well as meeting community expectations through improving environmental performance, in particular by introducing effective waste reduction and recycling programs.

    In developing a waste reduction program, we are an organisation who cares for the community and the environment.

    Some examples of our Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle initiatives include:

    • We purchase our main materials in bulk reducing wrapping & fuel consumption
    • Initiating cleaner production programs involving continuous improvement systems and the involvement of our staff
    • Recycling materials including aluminium, scrap metal, PET and other plastic materials, cardboard and paper
    • Returning materials including timber pallets, metal and plastic drums, to suppliers and our business units for re-use
    • Recycling solvents which would otherwise end up in our waterways

    In 2007 we made changes to our practices to maximize the potential for recycling.

    The first step was communicating the problem to staff; this was followed by environmental awareness programs and regular feedback on recycling initiatives in team meetings.

    Staff identified high waste areas of the process and opportunities for recycling. The materials are now properly segregated and there is a focused effort on recycling.

    We love to recycle, helping Icon Creations and our clients, who use our products, keep a better world.

    • Yellow recycle bins for metals, aluminium, brass & bronze
    • Green bins for general waste
    • White recycle bin for paper & cardboard
    • Acrylic & extruded plastic products are recycled and sent to China for smelting and reuse in everyday products
    • Oil and solvent interceptors are used on wash troughs to trap excess solvents and sludge reaching the storm water and polluting water ways
    • Excess paint and solvents are recycled in 60 litre drums for smelting and reuse in low grade solvent applications
    • General waste, paper and cardboard products are separated in production areas and transferred into larger recycling bins for pick up