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    About Icon Creations



    To be the first choice in signage solutions


    We are passionate about collaboration. In order to create signs that communicate your unique requirements we recognise and troubleshoot variables and the unpredictable. Every eventuality is considered; clients are educated and informed accordingly about our best-practice process to deliver a remarkable end product.

    Innovative Design ・Precise Manufacturing and Project Management ・ Quality Control Standards


    Integrity Through a collaborative approach, we act with transparency & honesty, working as a team to deliver guaranteed results.
    Creativity We are passionate about our creative process, innovation and thought leadership.
    Ownership The belief that we are fully responsible; it’s a choice, a mindset and an expression of integrity.
    Nouse A common sense, practical attitude that comes from years of experience.

    Established in 1978, Icon Creations began operations supporting the guardianship of corporate and leading brands across Australia.

    We are a multi-award winning company that has built a reputation on quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness throughout a long-standing history.

    With the capacity to deliver large, time-intensive projects anywhere in Australia and capabilities spanning manual sign writing through to state-of-the-art implementation, Icon Creations has the ability to provide today’s most innovative signage solutions while working to your business’ timelines.

    Our methodology is based in close collaboration, ensuring that your unique requirements are recognised and implemented at every step of the development process. Our experienced signage specialists ensure that each client is provided with all the information they need regarding our best-practice process to deliver a remarkable end product.

    Our signage services are of the highest quality, giving complete satisfaction to our customers in the pursuit of being the first choice in corporate signage across Australia.

    We provide the best signage service in Australia and our drive to be the best ensures that we are constantly aiming to improve our business systems and processes to provide the most efficient operation to our clients.

    • We believe in 100% customer satisfaction that results from our satisfaction with our work. A Win – Win for everyone!
    • Our standard procedures throughout every level of our organisation ensure efficient effectiveness and only a quality product ever leaves our manufacturing plant.
    • We have a specialised, skilled and innovative internal graphic design studio, which reduces any confusion in the layout of the finished product.
    • Our rates are cost effective with committed delivery times.
    • Our clients appreciate the fact that we are above-average performers, which is shown in our service level of 95 to 100%.
    • We offer a comprehensive site evaluation by our sales team to ensure the job is completed right the first time.
    • We offer local, state and national installation and facilitation of all signage needs.
    • All employees and contractors are qualified and licensed in their area of expertise, especially with the installation of the final product.
    • We all train and participate in workplace safety procedures under the occupational health & safety provisions for our industry.
    • We are an equal-opportunity employer and we recognise the rights and appreciate the skill of all people in our workplace.